• Pallets pass in front of the X-ray beam on two levelsx-Ray treatment characteristics
  • Pallets can pass in front of the beam multiple times with each pallet quadrant being exposed equally
  • Conveyance mechanism moves pallets in front of the beam at a speed of 0.5 to 4.5 m/min. Speed regulation is independent of the number of pallets loaded on this section of the conveyor
  • The beam area or treatment area conveyor is 3 m long (2 such sections – top and bottom)
  • Conveyor mechanism provides a gap closing conveyor sequence so that minimal gap between pallets is constant

The product is treated from 2 sides and the bottom pallet has to get the same double side treatment on the upper position, forming a 4 passes system. The depth of the irradiation is made on the long side of the pallets (1.2 m).

In order to give dose flexibility, the treatment is given by ~2kGy increments, corresponding to one full sequence of 4 passes in front of the X-ray target.

When multiple dose increments are required, i.e.,2, the corresponding container will travel 48 times (12 x 4) around the central wall in order to alternate the face which is presented to the X-ray. After every 2 passes it is changing the level from bottom to upper or contrary.

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