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A Case Study of gamma-irradiated oxybutynine
We’re happy to publish the Application Note concerning the research carried out by our team at the Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory in Utrecht, in conjunction with colleagues at the STERIS Gamma Sterilisation site in Ede, NL and the Bruker research lab in Bremen, on irradiated Oxybutynine

Polymer Materials Selection for Radiation-Sterilized Products
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Strategies for Gamma Sterilization of Pharmaceuticals
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Guide to Irradiation and Sterilization Validation of Single-Use Bioprocess Systems
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Effect of Sterilization on the Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubbers
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Process Refinements and Improved Tools Ease Materials Selection, Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Helping Packaging Stand Up to Sterilization
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Sterilization Methods Stand the Test of Time
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The Best of All Worlds: Combination products combine the benefits of drugs, devices, and biologics. But they also add testing and sterilization challenges
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Designing for Sterilization
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What Came First… Packaging Materials or Sterilization Techniques?
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Contract Sterilization and Validation Companies Offer New Options for Sterile Compounded Preparations
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Perspectives on Combination Products
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