Tape Tab Dosimeters

What is an Alanine Tape Tab Dosimeter?

Alanine Tape Tabs are the newest and most frequent dosimeter utilized. An alanine pellet is encapsulated in two layers of film, and a unique barcode is applied. The Tape Tabs are irradiated in their primary packaging, ensuring full traceability at all times.

Alanine Tape Tab Dosimeter Batch and Lot Naming

A batch of Tape Tab dosimeters is characterized by letters. For example, ‘DX’ and is defined as the manufactured quantity prior to being split into weight groups. Once each batch is weight sorted, these groups of pellets are known as lots. Lots are grouped in weights of +/- 0.6mg, and are characterized numerically, for example ‘DX600’.

What is the Dose Range of Alanine Tape Tab Dosimeters?

The functional dose range of a Tape Tab dosimeter is dependent on the measuring equipment and conditions used and are sold as being able to achieve a functional dose range of 0.1kGy to 70kGy. When measured in a controlled environment, 0.1kGy to 100kGy can be achieved, making it ideal for most irradiation processes. Identification and measurement of the alanine dosimeter is completed using an electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer.

What is the Tape Tab Dosimeter Measurement Reproducibility?

Irradiation response: CV ≤2.0%


  • Each Tape Tab lot is verified via a third-party calibration
  • The shelf life of unirradiated Tape Tabs is eight years from date of release
  • All measurements on this specification are given at a coverage factor of K=2 (providing a coverage probability of approximately 95%)

What are the Tape Tab Dosimeter Dimensions?

Width 8.85mm     +/- 0.25mm Tail Length: ≤ 7.5mm
Length 150.00mm  +/- 5.0mm Pellet Cup Diameter: ≤ 5.0mm
Body Thickness ≤0.425        (including the label) Pellet Cup Depth: ≤3.5mm
Barcode Start 44.5mm    +/- 2.5mm (from base of pellet)

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