Cosmetics & Toiletries Bioburden Control

STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST) can treat raw materials and packaging to reduce or eliminate bioburden, saving Customers’ time and money in the process. By applying low levels of ionizing radiation, a wide range of materials can be treated with no or minimal adverse effects, allowing their use in the manufacturing process.

With increased consumer demand for more natural and organic products, suppliers are challenged with how best to respond to these demands whilst still maintaining product integrity and safety. With the increased use of natural ingredients resulting in the reduction in the use of artificial additives/ preservatives to prolong shelf-life, the opportunity for inadvertent introduction of undesirable bioburden also increases.

Bioburden control

The potential result of undesirable bioburden is not merely a safety issue, but can also have significant financial impacts on a business due to material waste and resultant disposal costs. The challenge facing manufacturers is how to continue to deliver high-quality products while adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Effective treatment at any stage

Microorganisms can be introduced through a wide variety of sources such as raw materials (especially those of natural origin) water, containers, and other packaging materials. STERIS AST irradiation services can assist in controlling bioburden at various stages throughout your manufacturing process.

Rely on our expertise

With more than 40 years of experience working with cosmetic and toiletries Customers, STERIS AST has the expertise and technologies that can help your business solve this problem. By exposing products to safe, low-dose irradiation, we can help with bioburden reduction. We offer a range of support functions including laboratories and consulting to deliver personal solutions to suit your specific business needs.

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