Through a global network of contract sterilization and laboratory facilities, STERIS provides contract sterilization, technical support, and laboratory testing services to support cosmetics, toiletries, tattoo ink, food products and research, packaging, and horticulture.

STERIS also supports manufacturers with the restoration (or salvage) processing of products that have been exposed to molds, bacteria, or insects due to natural disasters, human interaction, or products being left in extended storage

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Treatment of finished products and raw materials to lower or eliminate microbiological contaminants.

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Human and Animal Food Products

Control of pathogenic microorganisms and pests in food products.

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Microbial reduction and sterilization services for a variety of packaging.

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Restoration & Salvage

Bioburden control for consumer products.

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Decontamination of growing trays, pots, and other equipment.

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