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Terms and Conditions:

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Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA

El Paso, Texas, USA

Libertyville, Illinois,USA

Terms and Conditions

El Paso, Texas, USA

El Paso Laboratory Test Request Form

Libertyville, Illinois, USA

Libertyville Laboratory Test Request Form

Guidance for Using the Libertyville Test Request Form

Libertyville Laboratory Dose Audit Test Request Form

Guidance for Using Laboratory Dose Audit Test Request Form

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA

Completed forms may be emailed to Please include a hard copy with the samples sent to the lab for testing.

Guide to Testing Services

Liquids Test Request Form

Bioburden Test Request Form

Cytotoxicity Test Request Form

Disinfectant Efficacy Test Request Form

Dose Audit Test Request Form 

Endotoxin Test Request Form

Environmental Monitoring Test Request Form

Ethylene Oxide Residue Test Request Form

USP <51/60/61/62> Test Request Form

Microbiology Supply Request Form

Microbiological Services Request Form

Organism Identification Test Request Form

Package Test Request Form

Sterility Test Request Form


Sample Retention and Return

When requested, we will return remaining samples to the Customer. Additional fees may be incurred plus shipping expenses for the return of samples. Fees vary according to quantity and weight of samples and whether the sample is hazardous.

Validation of Testing Procedures
USP procedures for products listed in the USP and other clearly defined test methods (AOAC, ASTM, AAMI, ISO, etc.) are generally considered to be validated. Many other test procedures should be validated for the particular products being tested. It is the Customer’s responsibility to insure that the validation status of test procedures used for products is approved by their internal quality system. The test fees listed in this schedule do not include the procedure validation costs.

STERIS offers services for validation of test procedures…

Conditions of Sale, Warranty and Limit of Liability

STERIS provides services to its Customers on a fee-for-service basis the only warranty provided is that STERIS will perform its services with due care in accordance with approved procedures or protocols and generally prevailing industry standards and applicable domestic or international standards and regulations. The only remedy for breach of the warranty will be to require STERIS to perform the same service over or to be credited for fees paid for the performance of the original test.

Specific test results may not be indicative of the characteristics of any other samples from the same lot or similar lots. STERIS assumes no responsibility for how a Customer chooses to use specific test results. Neither STERIS nor subsidiary companies shall be liable under any circumstances for any amounts in excess of the cost of the tests performed.