Our Mevex equipment offering includes integrated sterilization equipment for E-beam and X-ray processing, conveyors, and automation to meet customized needs. Our solutions vary from the supply of electron beam and X-ray accelerators to the integration of a validated irradiation system including conveyor systems, process management, automation, and radiation shield design.

While Mevex equipment is most commonly used to sterilize life-saving, single-use medical devices, our systems are also used to irradiate food for phytosanitary purposes. We understand our Customers’ unique challenges and specific requirements, and offer a customized approach for every project, allowing an optimal design for each Customer’s needs.

Our Mevex equipment solutions includes:

  • Linear accelerators (Linacs)
  • Conveyor systems
  • Bunker/radiation shield design
  • Automation
  • Technical support

Our team of dedicated professionals support our Customers through all phases of the sterilization design process, from project planning and management to post installation technical support, training and equipment upgrades.

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Our Equipment and Technologies offering includes both Mevex equipment and Konnexis technologies. Learn more about how our Konnexis control systems support radiation and gas sterilization processing.

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