Red Perspex 4043 Dosimeters

What is a Red Perspex 4043 Dosimeter?

Red Perspex dosimeters were first developed in the 1960s using a technology that continues to be effective and successful. Perspex dosimeters are irradiated in their sachets, which are opened post-irradiation to be read in a spectrophotometer.

Sold in boxes of 1,000, the dyed-polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) dosimeters have been developed for the measurement of high doses of radiation in industrial radiation processing. The dosimeter incorporates a proprietary dye that causes the Perspex to darken when irradiated. This means that it can be used to measure the dose of irradiation used in radiation processing environments.

What is the Dose Range of Red Perspex 4043 Dosimeters?

The functional dose range of Red Perspex 4043 dosimeters is dependent on the measuring equipment and conditions used. When measured in a controlled environment, 5 to 50 kGy can be achieved, making Red Perspex 4043 dosimeters ideal for most irradiation processes. Identification and measurement is completed using an electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer.

What is the Red Perspex 4043 Dosimeter Measurement Reproducibility?

Irradiation response: CV up to 2.0%

This is based on the coefficient of variation of specific absorbance at 640nm wavelengths, on sets of dosimeters from the batch, simultaneously irradiated together, in a radiation field uniform within ±1%, over the entire calibrated range, 5 to 50 kGy.


  • Each batch of Red perspex batch is verified via a third-party calibration prior to release.
  • The shelf life of unirradiated dosimeters is ten years from date of release if stored at a temperature of 20±5°C and provided the sachet seal is intact.
  • After irradiation, Perspex dosimeters should be measured within two days.
  • All measurements on this specification are given at a coverage factor of K=2 (providing a coverage probability of approximately 95%)
  • Less than one pouch in approximately 200,000 may be packed with two dosimeters. This does not affect dosimeter performance.  One dosimeter may be disposed of while the other is read, or a mean of the two can be taken, if preferred.

What are the Red Perspex 4043 Dosimeter Dimensions?

Each Perspex dosimeter measure 30 mm x 11 mm in size and are optically clear rectangular pieces of material.

Thickness 3.00 ±0.55 mm

Each perspex dosimeter is individually sealed in laminate sachets.

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