One Team One Goal.

One Team One Goal. At STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST), it’s our philosophy, our culture, our way of doing business.

ONE TEAM: We are all Customer Service.

We define our team as everyone within the STERIS AST organization. Every single one of us, no matter where we are located or what our role may be, is a member of the cohesive team. You can clearly see different roles, business imperatives and the STERIS Values when you look at the One Team One Goal logo up close. However, all of this becomes a little blurry and forms a grey circle when you view the logo from a distance. This is intentional as we are ONE TEAM with a common goal.


Customer focus. That’s it. Everything we do at STERIS revolves around servicing our Customer. The STERIS Mission states, “At STERIS, WE HELP OUR CUSTOMERS CREATE A HEALTHIER AND SAFER WORLD by providing innovative healthcare and life science product and service solutions around the globe.” Our “Customer” goes beyond medical device manufacturers, consumer products companies, and the variety of other organizations that depend on our services. The Customer is our family members, our friends, and even ourselves.

The One Team One Goal culture is proudly displayed at our facilities around the globe. From conducting group activities focusing on our Customers to addressing any areas for improvement as a team rather than individually, the entire STERIS AST organization is committed to putting our Customers first, always. In fact, our fiscal year comes to a close with each team member demonstrating their commitment to One Team One Goal by signing a poster that is displayed at their processing site.

Our Business Imperatives

The STERIS AST business imperatives align our team with clarity of purpose that drives and strengthens our business. There are three distinct sections of the business imperatives logo that define how we link our Values, our Vision, and our Culture.

At the core: Our Values

At the core of our organization is the philosophy of One Team One Goal. As described above, every single one of us, no matter where we are located or what our role may be, is a member of the cohesive team focused on putting our Customers first, always.

Guiding the way: Our Vision

The STERIS Vision states: Inspired by our Customers’ efforts to create a healthier, and safer world, guided by our legacy of leadership and innovation, we strive to be a Great Company. To STERIS, this means we will make a difference by providing world-class product and service solutions for our Customers, safe and rewarding work for our People, and superior returns for our Shareholders.

Our global service offering ultimately results in the safety of patients and consumers worldwide. What we do impacts more than the end users. Our People, our Customers, and our Shareholders have a vested interest in how we do business and we cannot operate without any of them.

How we operate: Our Culture

The outer part of the logo describes five pieces of our culture that encompass our collective behaviors at STERIS AST. This culture is embraced by our People through the STERIS Mission, which states “we help our Customers create a healthier and safer world by providing innovative healthcare and life sciences product and service solutions around the globe.”


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