New Product Development

Research & Development (R&D) should be a part of every new product development giving key consideration to material suitability, shelf life and general stability requirements. It is vital to understand how materials and products will perform post sterilization process.

STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST) understands the importance of trials as part of the development phase(s) and can facilitate processing of small quantities for each technology so full production volumes are not necessary. There are options available for each of the core technologies: gammaelectron beam and ethylene oxide(EO).

General considerations

  • Sample availability
  • Material selection
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Dose required (irradiation only)
  • Maximum dose (to comply with ISO 11137)
  • Packaging considerations
  • Link with microbiological and stability testing

STERIS AST offers engineering runs at select locations, providing a simple, cost-effective method to study the effects of the ethylene oxide process on product components or packaging.

Go here to learn more about ethylene oxide engineering runs at the Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA facility.


As a global leading sterilization and contamination control specialist, STERIS AST has over 40 years experience in providing safe and effective Research and development solutions.

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