Our Packaging Testing Services

Comprehensive testing to validate a packaging system in accordance with ISO 11607, including distribution simulation, accelerated and real-time aging, and sterile barrier integrity testing


Accelerated & Real-Time Aging

Simulates the effects of accelerated and real-time aging to demonstrate the shelf life of a package or product.

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Dangerous Goods (UNDG) Package Testing

Testing of packages containing dangerous goods in accordance with UN regulations.

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Distribution Simulation

Evaluates how a packaged product will perform under simulated environmental and distribution conditions.

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Cold Chain Testing

Utilizes climatic/environmental test chambers to simulate conditions products may be exposed to during shipping.

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ISTA 6-Amazon.com SIOC Testing

Conducts transportation simulation tests required for all Amazon vendors to certify packaging for fulfilment through Amazon distribution.

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Sterile Barrier Integrity & Seal Strength

Assesses the integrity and seal strength of a sterile barrier system maintained throughout its processing, expected shelf life and handling.

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