Our Packaging Testing Services

Our comprehensive packaging testing services support our medical device manufacturing Customers and the sterilization process by validating packaging systems in accordance with ISO 11607. Additional packaging testing services include distribution simulation, accelerated and real-time aging, ISTA-6 Amazon SIOC, and sterile barrier integrity testing.


Accelerated & Real-Time Aging

Simulates the effects of accelerated and real-time aging to demonstrate the shelf life of a package or product.

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Distribution Simulation

Evaluates how a packaged product will perform under simulated environmental and distribution conditions.

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Cold Chain Testing

Utilizes climatic/environmental test chambers to simulate conditions products may be exposed to during shipping.


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Sterile Barrier Integrity & Seal Strength

Assesses the integrity and seal strength of a sterile barrier system maintained throughout its processing, expected shelf life and handling.

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Shelf-Life Extension for Sterile Medical Devices

Manufacturers of medical devices whose labelled shelf-life has expired may be able to extend the expiration date of the device by through testing and documentation.

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