Pharmaceutical (Human & Veterinary) Microbiological Control

STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST) offers the pharmaceutical industry’s most comprehensive array of contract sterilization services.

Gamma Irradiation of Pharmaceutical Products

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing disposables
  • Prescription pharmaceuticals, ointments, and solutions
  • Containers and drug delivery systems
  • Active substances
  • Cleanroom garments and supplies
  • Labware
  • Excipients
  • Bulk raw materials such as talcum powder, kaolin, vegetable fiber and coloring agents
  • Desiccants

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization of Pharmaceuticals

  • Custom procedure trays containing pharmaceuticals
  • Cellulose and plastic products that may exhibit discoloration with irradiation
  • Pharmaceutical products manufactured from materials whose physical properties degrade with irradiation or heat
  • Pharmaceutical products containing components that must be reclassified as drugs when processed with irradiation

STERIS Pharmaceutical Sterilization Services Advantages

  • High quality, cost-effective processing
  • Widespread network of sterilization facilities
  • Multi-disciplinary technical staff and on-site quality assurance personnel
  • Detailed certification of your pharmaceutical sterilization process
  • Dedicated radiation and ethylene oxide technology centers

A wide range of applications are derived from the unique benefits that the STERIS AST processes offer. With approval by the U.K. Department of Health for sub-contract sterilization of medicinal products, and U.S. FDA regulation, STERIS AST provides international regulatory compliance with the following licences:

  • U.K. MIA – Human Manufacturers & Importers License
  • U.K. IMP – Investigational Medicinal Products
  • U.K. ManA – Veterinary Manufacturers & Importers License
  • Japanese PAL – Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
  • U.S. FDA – Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR §314.420 – Drug Master Files


As a global leading sterilization and decontamination specialist, STERIS AST has over 40 years experience in providing safe and effective pharmaceutical microbiological control.

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