STERIS Processing Forms

Download commonly used forms for routine and special processing at the following STERIS Americas sites:

Chester, New York
El Paso I, Texas
El Paso II, Texas
Grand Prairie, Texas
Groveport, Ohio
Libertyville North, Illinois
Libertyville South, Illinois
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Northborough, Massachusetts
Ontario, California
San Diego, California (ethylene oxide)
Sandy, Utah
South Plainfield, New Jersey
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Temecula, California
Vega Alta, Puerto Rico
Whippany, New Jersey
Whitby, Ontario, Canada


New Customer Forms

STERIS Credit Application
The STERIS credit application must be completed by new Customers prior to processing at the locations listed above.
Terms and Conditions of Processing

New Customer Forms – Radiation

Customer Addresses and Contact Information
Gamma Dose Specification Authorization
Assignment of Responsibility
Non-Sterile Shipping Agreement
Processing Instructions

New Customer Forms – Ethylene Oxide

Customer Address and Contact Information
Ethylene Oxide Customer Specification
Special Processing Request
Assignment of Responsibility
Non-Sterile Shipping Agreement
Evaluation Checklist to Process Energy Containing Devices

Radiation Processing Forms

Radiation Request Form
The web-accessible Radiation Request Form (RRF) needs to be completed for all processing runs at the Radiation Technology Center. The RRF is for processing at the Radiation Technology Center in Libertyville, Illinois, USA only and does not apply to production gamma processing.

Special Radiation Request Form
The Special Radiation Request (SRR) form should be submitted for one-time gamma processing projects at production gamma facilities.

Gamma Irradiation Guidelines
View the gamma irradiation guidelines for an outline of documentation required for gamma processing. Go here to view the guidelines in French.

Ethylene Oxide Processing Forms

EO Engineering Run Request Form
Ethylene oxide engineering runs are available through our Minneapolis, Minnesota facility. This program provides a simple, cost-effective method to evaluate the effects of the EO process on product components or packaging, and is ideal for material compatibility studies and new product development.

Ethylene Oxide Processing Guidelines
View the ethylene oxide guidelines for an outline of documentation required for EO processing.

Customer Ethylene Oxide Processing Request Form – Minneapolis, Minnesota facility