Radiation Technology Center, Libertyville, IL, USA

The Radiation Technology Center (RTC) is gamma processing home of the Radiation TechTeam® group. Our technical experts are here to help you through the gamma irradiation process, assist in establishing sterilization dose values, and provide high precision irradiation dose delivery for validation, dose audit and research purposes.

Radiation Technology Center Benefits

The Radiation Technology Center features a true direct path, off-carrier irradiator that maintains ambient temperature. It provides several benefits to our Customers, including:

  • A direct path from the source and consistent dose rates to the product; achieved with the use of turntables
  • A wide variety of product placement options and dose rate flexibility
  • Mitigation of free-radical migration and help maintaining low bioburden levels before and during irradiation; achieved by processing, storing and shipping products at cold temperatures
  • The ability to handle specialty projects, from small volume processing to specialty dose mapping, while maintaining delivered doses to within +/- 10%

Radiation Technology Center Capabilities

  • Gamma irradiation dose delivery within ANSI/AMMI/ISO validation and dose audit requirements
  • Processing of samples for materials studies to determine functionality and compatibility of selected components
  • High precision dose delivery to perform dose response studies or accommodate sensitive products that otherwise could easily be damaged by ionizing radiation
  • Replication of product placement and delivered dose, allowing for reproducible processing cycles through a research project or highly controlled experiment
  • Dose mapping, processing, and monitoring by one of our highly trained gamma technicians, providing the ultimate flexibility and oversight required for your unique validation or research needs
  • Dose mapping with internal-to-external rations to calculate delivered dose
  • Seamless transfer of validation and dose audit work into our larger commercial processing locations throughout North America

The Radiation Technology Center uses alanine dosimeters for precise dose measurement and special applications such as dose mapping, validations, low or high dose processing, and transit and static studies.

Radiation Technology Center Specializations

  • Terminal processing of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Handling and shipping of tissue/biological based products
  • Processing of imported soil samples, as certified by the USDA
  • Radiation testing of electrical components
  • Processing of reactor components

Radiation Technology Center Processing Options

  • Same Day (in and out the same day)
  • Priority (1-3 business days)
  • Routine (4-7 business days) from product receipt to outbound shipping

Radiation Request Forms

Radiation Request Forms for processing product at the RTC are web accessible, providing easy access to our current form whenever needed. Please note that the RRF forms are for processing at the Radiation Technology Center only.

Radiation Technology Center Resources

Contact the Radiation Technology Center:

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