Konnexis control systems

Our Konnexis technologies provide Customers with control systems that fully integrate with various areas of the sterilization process, allowing flexibility, improved efficiencies, and data insights for any sterilization modality used.

Our team supports Customers throughout the system integration process, from project planning and management through post-installation support, as well as integration with other MES/ERP systems.

Radiation sterilization

Konnexis has developed KonnTRACK for gamma, E-beam and X-ray sterilization modalities. KonnTRACK seamlessly integrates the irradiator with process control and inventory tracking, improving efficiency while minimizing downtime. Using Konnexis’s innovative software solutions, our Customers can increase throughput due to superior scheduling and intelligent process control.

EO sterilization

Designed for Customers’ ethylene oxide (EO) chamber use, AccuSOLOTM delivers flexibility and precision to our Customers’ operations by supporting redundant devices through continuous processing, even when individual devices fail, saving time while delivering maximum output.

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Our Equipment and Technologies offering includes both Mevex equipment and Konnexis technologies. Learn more about how our Mevex equipment supports Customers with integration systems for E-beam and X-ray processing.

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