Radiation TechTeam

Processing via irradiation is a complex technique requiring extensive knowledge of radiation physics, microbial inactivation, polymer selection, and process controls, with applications that include medical device sterilization, bioburden reduction of cosmetics and packaging, and polymer modification.

The Radiation TechTeam’s group of skilled technical professionals guide our Customers through the irradiation process. From dose establishment validation, dose audit support, and dose mapping studies to specialized testing projects, our Radiation TechTeam is committed to being a vital part of your irradiation process.

Radiation TechTeam Services

Our team offers a variety of services from new product development through routine processing, including:

  • Project coordination through all stages of the sterilization design process
  • Irradiation and project guidance for dose qualifications, verifications, and audits
  • Irradiation for material compatibility and maximum acceptable dose evaluations
  • Dose mapping of special requirements, including cold or frozen products, extremely dense products, tissue-based products, or electronic-based products
  • Coordination of materials and packaging for irradiation testing
  • Support during the transfer process of product from one sterilization modality to another
  • Technical education, including seminars, webinars, and TechTips

The Radiation TechTeam supports Customers during the sterilization design process with comprehensive technical resources, including:

  • Turnkey validation programs, including establishment of product validation protocols that meet ANSI/AAMI/ISO requirements
  • Customer-designed studies for research studies, material testing, and product feasibility testing
  • Certificates of processing for product information and minimum/maximum absorbed dose

Radiation Support Services

In collaboration with our Radiation TechTeam professionals, our radiation technology centers (RTCs) support Customers with high precision dose delivery for validation, dose audit, and research purposes.  Our network of laboratory testing facilities offer sterilization validation and microbial, material, and packaging testing services at every stage of the sterilization design process, from product validation development through routine processing.

Irradiation Services

We offer a variety of radiation sterilization options including E-beamgamma, and X-ray to fit unique product requirements. View our technology comparison to understand the technology variables and their effects on different materials.