The combination of STERIS Isomedix Services and Synergy Health Applied Sterilization Technologies has not only expanded our global network of contract sterilization locations, it has also expanded our laboratory services offering. Earlier this year, we announced the new brand for our sterilization services, STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST).  We are now excited to announce that, effective February 15, 2017, the new brand for our laboratory offering is STERIS Laboratories.

STERIS Laboratories combines the services provided by the STERIS Pharmaceutical Laboratories locations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America and the Biotest Laboratories location in the USA.  As a provider of microbiological testing and validation support, the laboratories will continue to support both the global and local needs of our Customers. We are excited to provide a comprehensive offering including laboratory testing, technical support and contract sterilization, and will keep you updated as we continue to expand our service offering to better serve our Customers.

In the European region, the name change is for branding purposes and has no impact on existing legal entities, Customer agreements, quality documentation or regulatory bodies. There are no immediate plans to change any legal entities associated with the laboratories in the European region.

In the Americas region, the current legal entity name of Biotest Laboratories, Inc. will be changed to STERIS Laboratories, Inc., in the near future. More details are available here to assist existing Biotest Laboratories Customers with the transition.

While the new STERIS Laboratories branding is effective as of February 15, 2017, you may start to see some branding updates relating to promotional materials in the meantime. A question and answer page has been created to address any concerns you may have regarding the new branding. Please go here to view this page, which will be updated as new information becomes available.

The entire global STERIS team remains committed to the fundamental principle of creating value for our Customers. We are excited to keep you updated on our progress and welcome any questions you may have.

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