Salt Spray / Corrosion Testing

What is Salt Spray/Corrosion Testing?

Salt mist or salt spray is a type of salt corrosion test that simulates the potential exposure of products that are operated in salt environments close to a coast or at sea, and in cold climates where salt is sprayed to remove ice from roads.

The salt corrosion testing is conducted inside a controlled corrosive environment and is accredited by ASTM B117. Salt spray is used in materials testing as well as product reliability.

STERIS provides comprehensive salt spray testing capabilities. The tests are designed to effectively evaluate a variety of corrosion mechanisms, including general, galvanic, and crevice corrosion.

All our processes and tests are governed by our ISO17025 accreditation.

Relevant Standards STERIS Tests to Include:

  • ASTM, B117 (NSS), B287 (ASS),B368(CASS), G85 (annex A2,A3,A5) D 2247
  • IEC 68-2-11(Test Ka), 69-2-52 Test Kb*
  • ISO 3768(NSS), 3769(ASS), 3770 (CASS), 7253, 92770
  • BS2011 Part 2.1Ka, Kb*3900 Part F4, F12 7479, 5466,Parts 1- 3 EN 60068-2-52Test Kb*

*Salt Spray Only

National & OEM Specific Salt Spray and Fog Tests

Salt spray is often carried out in conjunction with humidity testing. This testing combination can give invaluable information in terms of the corrosion over the life of the product in the field and is extensively used across a multitude of industries as part of the product validation process before release into full production.

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