Event Type: Séminaire en ligne | Date: février 15, 2023 - février 15, 2023 | Location:

TechTalk – Accelerated Aging & Real Time Aging Studies

STERIS Technical Advisor Noel Gibbons and Product & Package Testing Manager Nate Wilhelm discuss how to perform accelerated aging and real time aging studies, along with their requirements and standards.

This overview also outlines the importance of the sterile barrier system and how to meet standards and requirements for the life of the product.

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The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A.

There will be two sessions.

Wednesday 15 February at 08:30 GMT

Wednesday 15 February at 16:30 GMT / 11:30 EST

Accelerated Aging & Real Time Aging Studies Overview

– Questions to Ask Regarding Packaging Aging
– ISO 11607 Requirements
– Understanding Shelf Life
– Accelerated Aging Overview
– Real Time Aging Overview
– Importance of Proving Shelf Life
– Accelerated Aging Calculations
– Melt & Glass Transition Temperature of a Material
– Relative Humidity & Its Impact
– Practice Guidance to Determine Representative Aging Test Conditions