Effective Performance of Real-Time & Accelerated Aging Studies

Learn how real-time and accelerated aging studies are used by medical device manufacturers to demonstrate the shelf life of packaging systems.

STERIS AST Technical Advisor, Noel Gibbons, shares a deeper look into how to execute a successful real-time and accelerated aging study.

The Right Questions To Ask For Effective Real-Time & Accelerated Aging Studies

  • What is Aging?
  • What is the Purpose of Aging Testing?
  • What Causes Product and Packaging to Age?
  • Do I Need Product in the Packaging for Aging Studies?
  • What is the Glass Transition and Melt Temperature of a Material?
  • What About Relative Humidity?
  • When do Accelerated Aging and Real-Time Aging Have to be Carried Out?
  • What Risks Are Involved?
  • How Long is the Shelf Life of Your Product?

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