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TechTalks are a series of webinars covering subjects relating to gas and radiation sterilization processing, and the laboratory testing and validation services that support these processes.

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Featured Videos

Featured Videos


Electron Beam

Watch our experts show you how electron beam irradiation exposes products to high-energy electrons to sanitize your products.


Ethylene Oxide

Watch how ethylene oxide sterilization uses a 4-part gas process which includes pre-conditioning, sterilization, and aeration from our experts.


Gamma Irradiation

Watch how gamma irradiation exposes products to a Cobalt 60 radiation field accelerators from our experts.



Watch how VHP is a deep vacuum, low temperature vapor sterilization process from our experts.



Watch how X-ray irradiation uses ionizing energy from high-powered electron bean accelerators from our experts.

Analytical Testing

Watch how our analytical testing services support finished products and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Microbiological Testing

Watch how our microbiology testing services support the sterilization validation and laboratory testing needs of our medical device and pharmaceutical Customers.

Packaging Testing

Watch how our comprehensive packaging testing services support our medical device manufacturing customers and the sterilization process.

Product Testing

Watch our videos on design verification and custom testing services for a variety of medical devices.