MENTOR, OHIO – May 18, 2016 — The recent combination of STERIS Corporation and Synergy Health has created a leading global service supplier, providing Customers with a network of over 50 contract sterilization and laboratory facilities worldwide. As a combined organization, STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST) is committed to providing both global and local Customers with processing capacity through various technologies worldwide.

As part of this commitment to Customers, STERIS AST is embarking on several expansion projects throughout its global sterilization and laboratory network.

Americas Region

Electron beam (E-beam) processing is being installed to complement existing gamma operations in Ontario, California and Chester, New York. The Ontario facility currently has two gamma irradiators while the Chester facility has three irradiators. The additional E-beam operations complement the existing radiation network in the Americas, including the Petaluma, California electron beam facility that opened in late 2015. E-beam processing is expected to commence at the Ontario facility in late summer 2016 and at the Chester facility in early 2017.

The existing Temecula, California ethylene oxide sterilization facility is also being modified to include small volume processing. The expansion will add four small ethylene oxide (EO) chambers of various sizes to the existing medium chambers already in use at the Temecula facility. The new chambers will be available for processing in June 2016.

European Region

The Tullamore, Ireland facility is undergoing several upgrades for both sterilization and laboratory services. A second E-beam system is being added to the facility’s existing E-beam and ethylene oxide operations, and the facility is expanding its onsite microbiology laboratory to further support Customers’ validation and testing needs. Both the E-beam operations and laboratory expansion will be operational in mid-2017. The facility has also added a small volume Ethylene Oxide chamber to support its existing 12 chambers of various sizes, which will be available for processing later this month.

The Bradford, United Kingdom facility is adding a new gamma pallet irradiator with an automated high bay warehouse and storage capacity to complement the facility’s existing gamma tote irradiator. Available for processing in mid-2016, the new irradiator will utilize an incremental batch process and feature automated product loading and unloading.

In The Netherlands, the Venlo facility is expanding its existing ethylene oxide operations by adding three 32-Euro pallet EO chambers, as well as additional warehouse space and conditioned storage. The new chambers will be available for processing in mid-2017.

“Our committed relationships with Customers in these important regions of medical device manufacturing have allowed us to expand to meet their needs,” comments Dan Carestio, Senior Vice President for STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies. “We are excited for the opportunity to support the growth of our Customers and provide alternative processing options. The addition of sterilization capacity and laboratory services reflects both our commitment to our Customers and our ongoing investment in service capabilities.”

About STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies

STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies is a global provider of contract sterilization and laboratory services with 59 locations in 16 countries. Utilizing radiation and ethylene oxide technologies, STERIS AST has been committed to providing contract sterilization and laboratory services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer, and industrial communities for over 40 years.

Applied Sterilization Technologies is a business unit of STERIS. STERIS’s mission is to help our Customers create a healthier and safer world by providing innovative healthcare and life science product and service solutions around the globe. STERIS is traded on the NYSE under the STE symbol.


Americas: Sarah Crowl, Sr. Marketing Manager, +1-877-783-7479
EMEA and Asia: Jenni Tranter, Sr. Marketing Manager, +44-1793-601-022

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