We’re proud to introduce the TechTeam group, STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies’ technical support providers. Our TechTeam professionals provide vital technical support in all phases of the sterilization design process including product development, materials testing, protocol generation and sterilization validation.

If You Have a Specialty Product, We’ll Develop a Specialty Solution.

Whether you’re revalidating an existing sterilization process, developing a new product validation, need to know more about the best materials to specify in your medical device, or just want to discuss your technical options; we’re here to help. With industry experts and the extensive resources of the entire STERIS organization, we have a team that’s second to none – ready to meet any need in gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide validation, or anywhere within your sterilization process.

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The SteriLink interactive online service provides complete, real-time visibility into STERIS processing facilities.

Benefits of the SteriLink Online Service

The SteriLink service is designed to shorten time between manufacturing and distribution by allowing you to:

  • Monitor your inventory, 24/7
  • Send and receive alerts
  • Review and retrieve historical processing documents
  • Check performance metrics and generate reports

In short, you gain complete, real-time visibility into our facilities so you can make critical supply chain decisions faster.

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