At STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies, we are proud to support our Customers throughout all stages of the sterilization design process, which includes technical support, laboratory testing services, product and packaging testing services, and routine sterilization.  

With this comprehensive service offering in mind, we are excited to announce that we will be consolidating all existing brands within our business segment under the STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST) brand.  

We have decided to take this approach as merging the brands unifies our full service offering and provides clarity to our Customers. 

This means we will retire the STERIS Laboratories and Anecto Test Services brands and the following services will be offered as part of STERIS AST: 

    • Contract sterilization services   
    • Testing and validation services  
        • Laboratory 
        • Product and packaging  
    • Technical support  

Updates to branded documents and consolidation of social media accounts will be introduced over the coming weeks as we transition to the STERIS AST brand

In addition, we will be launching a revised website later this year and retiring all other sites. We look forward to communicating these updates with you as they occur. 

As a reminder, we are not changing any legal entity names at any of our sterilization or testing services locations. 

The consolidation is for branding purposes only, has no impact on legal entity names, Customer agreements, regulatory registrations, or current purchasing processes.