SteriLink Supply Chain Visibility

It’s as if you were at one of our STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies facilities*, keeping a watchful eye on your product throughout the contract sterilization process. But you’re really in your office – or anywhere you have online access – connected to the SteriLink site.

Benefits of the SteriLink Online Service

The SteriLink interactive online service provides complete, real-time visibility into STERIS processing facilities. The SteriLink service is designed to shorten time between manufacturing and distribution by allowing you to:

  • Monitor your inventory, 24/7
  • Send and receive alerts
  • Review and retrieve historical processing documents
  • Check performance metrics and generate reports

In short, you gain complete, real-time visibility into our facilities so you can make critical supply chain decisions faster.

See More. Control More.

E-mail alerts keep you up-to-the-minute on where your product is in our contract sterilization process. You’re also able to access supply chain and quality documentation that is electronically signed to help shorten your time to market. And our Customer Data Interaction capability gives you real-time information to make educated, timely decisions that impact your bottom line… without even picking up the phone.

Document Retrieval

The document retrieval function lets you access electronically signed documents with a click of your mouse.
Documents currently available:

  • Gamma certificate of processing
  • Gamma dosimeter record
  • Gamma load/unload report
  • EO certificate of processing
  • EO detailed run record
  • EO gas concentration report
  • EO process results
  • EO test request
  • Count discrepancy report
  • Damage report
  • Bill of lading
  • Receiving report
  • Invoice report
  • Credit report

Customer Data Interaction

The SteriLink system features Customer data update capabilities including Inbound Product Receipt and Customer Quality Release. These interactive desktop options give you unprecedented “remote” control that helps speed up the sterilization and shipping process.

E-mail Alerts

Customers can also receive automatic e-mail notifications as product moves through the process.

Available SteriLink Email Alerts:

  • Gamma certificate of processing was signed
  • Gamma product awaiting Customer release
  • Gamma process spec expiration
  • Gamma process stage change
  • EO certificate of processing was signed
  • EO product awaiting Customer release
  • EO process stage change
  • EO test request
  • Product damage
  • Inventory not moving
  • Count discrepancy
  • New product was received
  • Product was shipped
  • Invoice was transmitted
  • Credit was transmitted

* Please note that the SteriLink service is currently available for the following North American processing locations only: Chester, NY; El Paso I, TX; El Paso II, TX; Grand Prairie, TX; Groveport, OH; Libertyville North, IL; Libertyville South, IL; Libertyville, IL Radiation Technology Center; Minneapolis, MN; Northborough, MA; Ontario, CA; San Diego, CA (EO); Sandy, UT; South Plainfield, NJ; Spartanburg, SC; Temecula, CA; Vega Alta, PR; Whippany, NJ; Whitby, Ontario.

How to Sign Up for the SteriLink Service

To access the SteriLink system, your STERIS sales representative will help you complete a subscription set-up form for your company and for each employee needing SteriLink access.

Each STERIS facility is registered with the FDA, and STERIS recognizes the need to comply with applicable regulatory requirements for computer systems and software applications validation. The SteriLink application was tested and validated in accordance with regulatory requirements found in FDA regulations 21 CFR Part 211, 21 CFR Part 820, and 21 CFR Part 11.

The SteriLink service is one more example of our commitment to Customer satisfaction! Exclusively from STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies.

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