What is Mechanical Performance Testing?

Mechanical performance testing comprises a series of stress tests using calibrated equipment designed to establish the structural integrity and flexibility of a product, ensure that it can be used safely as intended, and capture data regarding how the product responds to such stress.

Outlined below is a list of the tests STERIS provides to ensure the mechanical integrity of a product. All the tests listed are available for a wide range of catheters and wires.

Catheter Tensile Test

  • A measurement of the tensile strength and elongation of the catheter joints and components
  • We use Zwick tensile test systems equipped with various load cells from 10N to 10kN
  • Tests performed in accordance with ISO standards or Customer-defined requirements

Micro Tensile Test

  • Tensile test set-up within scanning electron microscope chamber. The tester is capable of measuring the tensile strength of small section samples
  • Tests performed in accordance with ISO standards or Customer-defined requirements.

Catheter Kink Resistance Test

  • This test provides the ability to maintain cross-sectional profile during deformation
  • Equipment used offers a 3-point and 4-point bending jig inserted into Zwick tensile tester with 37°C water bath facilities
  • For a 3-point bend, ASTM F2606 “Standard Guide for Three-Point Bending of Balloon Vascular Stents and Stent Systems” is used
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