What is Container Compression Testing?

Container compression testing is a method for determining the behavior of packaging and/or products under a crushing or compressive force. Compression testing is used in both package and product design verification to determine the strength and structural integrity. This testing is intended to recreate compressive loads that may occur during warehouse storage or vehicle transport.

Why Perform Compression Testing?

Compression testing is important in both package and product design verification to determine their performance under compressive loads.

The Data Generated Should Provide Enough Information to:

  • Minimize damage costs and ensure the product’s packaging will be adequate to give high levels of protection for worldwide distribution
  • Determine if the packaging being used will withstand being stacked, and to what height it can be stacked without damage

Why Work with STERIS for Compression Testing?

STERIS’s compression testing is carried out in our ISO 17025-accredited Galway, Ireland test laboratory using our in-house compression tester. During the test, the package is compressed and the force applied versus the rate of deformation is recorded. The required loading must take into consideration the effects of length of time in storage, the stacking alignment, package or pallet weight, and stacking height.

Guidance Documents/Standards:

ISO 11607

ASTM D642 – Standard Test Method for Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers, Components, and Unit Loads


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