Event Type: Fiera campionaria | Date: Settembre 18, 2023 - Settembre 21, 2023 | Location: The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA, USA

BioProcessing International East

STERIS will be exhibiting and presenting at BioProcessing International East at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA, USA from Monday, September 18th to Thursday, September 21st, 2023.

Attendees are invited to visit us at Stand 1240 and join Jason Rogers, for his presentation on laboratory challenges for radiation sterilization validation and dose audit testing of bioprocessing products. Please see below for details.


Title: Laboratory Challenges for Radiation Sterilization Validation and Dose Audit Testing of Bioprocessing Products

Abstract: Many bioprocessing devices have unique considerations for laboratory testing associated with dose determination and verification studies.  There are several challenges in the selection of a representative product, such as size, complexity, variability, maintaining aseptic technique during the testing process, adequate ability to detect microorganisms and laboratory facility capacity constraints.

Understanding these challenges in microbiological testing of bioprocessing products can aid in the development of enhanced test methods.  In this presentation, we will discuss concerns for the physical test process and microbiological considerations for single-use bioprocessing devices, as well as current techniques utilized to overcome those challenges. 

Date: Wednesday, September 20th

Time: 3:20pm-3:40pm

Location: BPI Theater stage


BioProcessing International East is the largest bioprocessing event for learning how to accelerate promising biologics, cell, and gene therapies toward commercial success.

Find out more on the BioProcessing International East website.