Our teams at STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies have saved the day for countless of our restoration and salvage Customers by delivering custom sterilization solutions in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

But there is one story we fondly recall each holiday season.

A few years ago, a new Customer contacted us in September after they realized thousands of tabletop nativity sets soon to be sold at a large global retailer had sustained mold on the fabric of one of the figurines during overseas shipping.

Worried about losing the entire inventory, the Customer was eager and hopeful we could help them meet the delivery commitment and not incur a major profit loss.

Our team quickly determined the best approach for safely and effectively processing the nativity sets and routed 18 truckloads to our facilities in Chester, New York and Sandy, Utah for decontamination.

In a matter of weeks, the entire inventory of nativity sets were processed and en route for distribution to the stores in time for the holiday floor set.

Thousands of decontaminated and clean nativity sets were sold and the Customer was able to honor the order commitment to the retailer. Christmas and future business was saved!

This is just one of the many successful restoration and salvage case studies. STERIS AST has worked with variety of organizations to treat products such as cloth garments, drapes, bags, books and legal documents as well as cleaning solutions, detergents, soaps, wipes, novelties and waxes.

We provide the most comprehensive offering of bioburden control options including gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide and heat services to provide safe and reliable methods for decontaminating consumer products exposed to molds, bacteria and insects.

We’re here to help save the day. Contact our team of experts and let us help save your holiday – or just your everyday business – with our safe, timely and cost-effective sterilization solutions.