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Our South Marston Electron Beam and Laboratory testing site has the following characteristics:

Laboratory Services included Microbiology Services, Microbiological validations
Determination of contamination level
Sterility testing
Endotoxin & Pyrogen LAL Tests for a wide range of materials/ devices
Accelerated ageing tests
Microbiological training
Our Laboratory professionals can provide Consultancy services on microbiological issues and good manufacturing practices
Environmental monitoring to ISO 14644
Interpretation of results
Guidance on testing methodologies
Assist with compliance to ISO 11137
ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
Electron beam characteristics 1 x 4.5 MeV up to 90 kWatts
1 x 1.5 MeV up to 60 kWatts (currently not in use – can be reconnected based on business volume)
Electron beam material handling Material to be irradiated is transported under the beam by one of two systems.
For wire, cable, or tubing a continuously running loom takes material from an unirradiated reel via multiple passes under the beam and rewinds irradiated product onto a fresh reel.
For product presented in cartons or trays, a conveyor system pulls a series of trolleys loaded with product through the beam to be irradiated.
Maximum outer dimensions of treated units 1400 x 1440 x 1040 (mm)

55 x 57 x 41 (in)

Licences Certification Body BSI, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003



Synergy Health Sterilisation UK Ltd
Thornhill Industrial Estate
South Marston

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+44 (0) 1793 898800


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08:30 -17:00 Monday – Thursday

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